How to prepare production files?

Before you start to work on the production file, please contact us to consult the shape of the product. Depending on the type of product, we then send to you a die or a technical drawing and a design will be prepared on that basis. Basic technical information:

  • bleeds of 4 mm for packets, 3 mm for labels (smaller bleeds upon agreement with the production department for individual designs)
  • safe distance:
    label: from die, punch (for elements such as logos, text, etc.): 3 mm
    packet: from the cutting line, creases, euro hole – 4 mm
  • work centred on a postscript page (for labels – with bleeds)
  • Pantone spot colours described – format with bleeds is the format for use (no cutting lines, margins or any printing marks)
  • fonts converted to curves (and/or appended if intervention by TEK is necessary)
  • each work may be accompanied by a proof made on the PSO Coated v3 profile (profile download)
  • bitmaps in CMYK space with at least 300 DPI resolution
  • Mac/PC file formatting
  • any hole in a label must be located at least 5 mm from the die edge, euro hole in packets: for small packets up to 8×15 - 4 mm from the fold; for large packets: 10×15; 11.5×16.5 - 7.5 mm from the fold
  • minimum text size – the type size printed in one colour: for monolinear typefaces 6 pt, for high-contrast typefaces 6 pt, while for more than one colour or in reverse colours: for monolinear typefaces 8 pt, for high-contrast typefaces 8 pt).
  • minimum/possible stroke thickness:
    for single-colour printing – 0.5 pt. for printing in more than one colour or in reverse colours – 1 pt.

If you provide your own materials to TEK, we need your written permission to process the design when:

  • it comes from a third party (e.g. a competitor)
  • it contains your photographs or a third-party photographs
  • TEK graphic designer is to reproduce the design/marking in an unambiguous way from the customer's files

Should you have any further questions, please contact us at +48 22 752 92 68.

File transfer and exchange at TEK can be done in 3 ways:

  • Via FTP server: an FTP server is set up for each customer individually. When files are uploaded to the server, a folder is created with the company name and the Production File + Preview PDF are placed there. The file names should be the same as the product names in the order. Files uploaded to the FTP should be ZIP compressed.
  • Via email: you may email to us files up to a maximum size of 10 MB. Files of up to 10 MB can be sent to us electronically. The file names should be the same as the product names in the order. Files sent via email should be ZIP compressed.
  • On other data carriers: the files can also be supplied to us on other carriers: a CD-ROM, DVD, USB flash drive. They may be sent by courier, post or delivered in person. Files supplied on other carriers do not need to be zipped. The file names should be the same as the product names in the order.
When revisions are made, the revised production files may be transferred via the FTP, email or on other data carriers. A revised file should be named with the old name and a revision number added to it, e.g. (Packet4 file after second revision) When transferring files via the FTP, please do not delete any old files. It is strictly forbidden to name any revised files with their old names.
There are three ways in which the acceptance of Production Files can take place at TEK: 1. By electronic means, email (up to 10 MB), FTP server – by sending the final files and receiving a return approval email from you. 2. By sending you a proof printout – a proof printout signed on the back by you with acceptance date is deemed accepted. 3. In person at TEK's office.
If you provide your own materials for designs printed at TEK, you will need to provide written permission to use them and a proof of that you hold the copyright to use the materials.
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