Photography studio, photos for designs from own collection or individual creation

In our department, we focus on continuous development....

In order to ensure the high quality of images for our customers, we work with photographers who are very experienced. They are in constant contact with customers and carry out shoots dedicated to their products. Our professional photographers are constantly expanding our database, thus ensuring its development.

We offer full design support and professional level of service. Would you like to learn more? We look forward to hearing from you.
Frequently asked questions

We outline some questions that most frequently arise at this stage of the process. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

We do not require our customers to have their own photographs; on the contrary, we offer our own bank of ready images consisting of more than 110,000 photos.

Absolutely. During a dedicated photo shoots we are able to prepare photographic material with your plants according to your guidelines.

We specialise in photographing plants in both in the natural surroundings and studio settings.

Yes, all our customers use our photo collection completely free of charge.

This is not a common solution, but we can send a photographer to your premises for a dedicated photo shoot.

Discover our image bank

Our photography department also ensures the expansion of our image bank, which currently comprises more than 110,000 photos. All images are free of charge for all our customers.


A unique bespoke creation

Our photographs are a part of the designs prepared by our Creative Department. This combination allows our customers to benefit from the extensive experience of our entire team.

Design team at work
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