Sustainability — what are we doing for the planet?


At our printing house, we are committed to matters relating to sustainability and environmental impact. That is why, for many years now, we have been working continuously to reduce the impact of our activities on the condition of the planet. We focused on three main aspects:

Environmentally friendly consumables

Sustainable materials are at the heart of our environmentally conscious policy. We are particularly proud of the use of Graspaper
(paper produced from grass) and chemical-free offset plates.

Appropriate certification

Among the many certifications, the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®), which certifies that the paper we use in production comes from responsibly managed forests, holds a special place. We also hold Heidelberg HEI ECO certification, proving that unavoidable CO2 emissions have been offset by investments in sustainability.

Water and energy management

As a printing house, we have introduced a number of measures to reduce water waste and save electricity.

Interesting facts:

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Saving energy and water

Saving water
and energy

The modernisation of the water management system at our printing house has achieved savings of up to 50%. We also regularly train our employees in the conscious use of water.

FSC Certificate

We hold the prestigious 
FSC certificate

Our customers can be assured that the wood used for our paper comes from sources with sustainable forest management systems in place. Certification guarantees monitoring of the entire supply chain – from the tree to the final product.

ECO printing

We continuously promote eco-friendly production

As a European leader in the printing of packaging and labels for the horticultural industry, we have been involved in the promotion of eco-friendly printing solutions for many years.

Eco friendly paint

Innovative and environmentally friendly consumables

The Graspaper we use means 97% energy saving and 99% water saving. And these are just some of its benefits. Also, our offset plates do not require any chemicals.

CO2 neutral printing machine

We invest in eco-certified
printing machines

Our plant increasingly consists of machines whose carbon debt was already paid off at the time of purchase. This is one of many examples of innovation for environmental protection.

Waste management

Rational waste

All the waste generated by our printing house is carefully sorted and collected by entities responsible for its further recycling and safe disposal.

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