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Zespół obsługi klienta na tle drukarni

A team dedicated for each job
We treat each order individually. A permanent team of graphic designers is assigned to each customer, taking into account previous collaborations, the customer's experience and needs.

Extensive experience, lasting relationships
For us, an order does not end with sending out printed materials. Our customers can always count on our full support.

Development and continuous improvement of qualifications
The world of modern printing technology is constantly evolving, and we are evolving with it. At TEK, we are committed to continuous improvement, both in our technological capabilities and in the qualifications of our staff.

Complete trust and participation in the process
We know that the most important thing in our business is to work together with our customers, which is why we invest in building strong relationships based on mutual trust.

Advanced technology


Thanks to our experience in the industry, we know that the most sophisticated ideas of our customers require a corresponding technological capacity. That is why we are committed to provide the latest printing technologies.

These include many that we have developed ourselves. At TEK, we know that only the best technical solutions will enable us to provide our customers with the right level of service, giving them competitive advantage.

Key technologies

Printing machine

Printing department

The Speedmaster XL 75 is a new quality among offset printing machines. The major innovations relate to the automation of work; ergonomics and operation have been improved; the make-ready time has been reduced and stability has been improved. Thanks to its assistance systems and unique navigation, the machine guarantees unprecedented performance.

We also work on a Heidelberg CD 74 machine.

We also have a modern Heidelberg cutter from the POLAR family. It is an extremely versatile tool for finishing paper or cardboard, which can also cope with thick cardboard, foil as well as non-standard materials.

We use state-of-the-art technology
Printing paint

Inks and consumables

When it comes to inks, we work with the renowned Siegwerk, a global ink manufacturer, known mainly for its low-migration ink solutions. Low-migration inks in packaging do not interact with the packaged product, making them extremely safe for consumers.

When it comes to printing plates, we use Kodak Sonora XP process-free plates, which eliminate the use of chemicals. This makes the process greener and faster, while maintaining high print quality.

We use state-of-the-art technology
Logo Kodak


At our bindery, we are particularly proud of our collaboration with Cayslen, which has its own production and R&D department. As a result, we are able to adjust and select our adhesives specifically to meet our customers' needs. These adhesives are individually selected both in terms of the materials and the product application methods.

We use state-of-the-art technology

Our history


TEK started operations

It was then that we decided to produce packaging for flower and vegetable seeds. The beginnings were modest – with one old machine from the US, we served a few customers from the domestic market.


Relocation to Zielonki near Warsaw

We built our own headquarters in Zielonki near Warsaw. We still work in our own office and production facilities, surrounded by a peaceful garden.


Heidelberg SM 74 printing machine

Heidelberg SM 74 is a world-class offset printing machine, its purchase was a milestone for our company. It allowed us to spread our wings and was a beginning of a long process of improving our production lines.


Commissioning our new production facility

Continuous growth created the need for a new production facility, where we moved all production. In addition, in 2007 our capacity was expanded with a new Heidelberg CD 74 printing machine. By being able to print on plastics and cardboard, we could significantly expand our product range.


Start of operations in Germany and Western Europe

In 2008, it was time for new challenges — under the leadership of Peter Altrichter, jointly with the TEK West team, we began working with companies across Western Europe. Thanks to our strong market position and reliable customer service, our customer network extends from Scandinavia to the Adriatic.


150,000,000 products per year

In 2017, we managed to surpass the threshold of 150 million products.

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