Hanging labels — mainly for trees and shrubs

Hanging labels


The labels hung on plants show an image of the plant at its most attractive moment of development. We often include information on them so that the buyer can quickly check if the plant is suitable for them, plus can learn about the cultivation recommendations.

Our printing options enable you to choose from a wide range of shapes, materials and printing techniques, which guarantees customer satisfaction. Thanks to the use of FSC-certified paper, we can provide eco-friendly hanging labels.

We offer full design support and professional level of service. Would you like to learn more? We look forward to hearing from you.


Guaranteed quality
Over 30 years of improvements in our production processes give us great flexibility and consistently high quality.

Complete production process in one place
The entire production process, from concept to production, happens in one place, with a dedicated team of experts perfecting every detail.

Extensive experience
Over 30 years of continuous development mean that we are able to deliver consistently high quality prints.

Printing hanging labels
Frequently asked questions

We mostly make hanging labels that are attached with a rubber band, a stick or a clip.

Much depends on the volume, the production technology or the complexity of the design. Contact us and we will provide a detailed quote.

We have a capable, highly efficient production department, however, we are unable to offer fixed timeframes. Contact us and we will prepare a quote with a proposed completion time.

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