TEK Designer — a proprietary design management and communication tool

At our printing house, we realise that our customers expect not only high quality prints, but also efficient cooperation right from the initial design stage. That's why, in addition to a team of experienced graphic designers, we offer the TEK Designer app — our original, dedicated tool intended to improve key
areas of collaboration: communication, design management and editing.

In addition, TEK Designer is integrated with our image bank, which contains more than 110,000 photos and is provided to our customers free of charge.

Design management — everything in one place

Customers who choose to use TEK Designer gain access to all their products, which can be viewed in one panel. They can check the status of the current design (where they can make further amendments or approve the design).

Basic graphic editing

For customers who want to be more involved in the design process, our software offers two key features — adding and editing images and text editing.

Add and edit your own images or use our free resources

The design preview in TEK Designer allows you to freely add images from both your own collections and from TEK Gallery — our collection of images. You can freely crop and position the uploaded images and apply mirroring and scaling.

Edit texts

Do you need to amend text for your packaging? Instead of sending another email, our customers have the option of editing their text online — this greatly simplifies and speeds up the process of implementing changes and amendments.

Communication — an alternative to email

The last, but arguably most important feature of TEK Designer is the improved communication between our design team and our customers. As an alternative to traditional email communication, we offer a comment system — instead of describing changes in subsequent threads, you can use a dedicated interface, then our designers implement the changes and send the new version for approval.

An undisputable advantage of this solution is the structuring of communication and an easy overview of design history, which makes collaboration easier and more efficient.

Additional features — exporting text to a worksheet

TEK Designer is also equipped with a number of additional functionalities, such as text export, which is particularly useful for customers who want to use them further for other purposes.

What are the benefits of using TEK Designer?

When choosing a design management model at our printing house, we always adapt to our customers' requirements and propose a method of communication that is appropriate to their needs and habits — we often arrange regular meetings where we fine-tune the design directly with the customer or base our work on email communication.

However, TEK Designer has gained a large number of satisfied customers who cannot imagine working with a printer without that software, thanks to a number of functionalities that structure the design work.

The cost and security

It should also be stressed that TEK Designer is completely free of charge for our customers and that the design files are stored on a secure server, where they can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet.

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